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Auction # 17-2

Auction Ended: Thursday December 7th & Friday December 8th, 2017 at 9:00 PM Eastern

Auction Local Time: Oct 17, 2018 19:17:46 EDT

Click on the gray lot# button to see the scans. Beginning at 9PM Eastern on closing night, I am waiting for 6 solid minutes of no bids, phone calls, emails or faxes, at which point I shut down the bidding on all the lots (in that half of the auction) at once. If the auction is still alive at Midnight, the 6-Minute rule turns into the 3-Minute rule. In the event of a computer or other calamity, the auction will close one week later. ***PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE 'RIGHT' BIDDING BOX, ONLY, UNLESS YOU ARE USING THE LEFT FOR STRATEGIC PURPOSES.*** Please use the Search Feature, it will catch anything I missed in the Table of Contents, which is also a helpful tool and can be printed off the website. PLEASE NOTE: MY AUCTIONS HAVE A 9% "BUYER'S PREMIUM". (We will absorb Paypal charges.) Lots 1 - 507 close Thursday Dec.7th. Lots 508 - 1,007 close Friday Dec 8th. All Bids are in U.S. Dollars
All Bids are in U.S. Dollars

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Final Bid
 (Inc Music) (18 W M Chase) “Redemtor (sic) College and birthplace of Charles Carroll of Carrollton.” (Can’t find the college, even properly spelled), “St John’s College.”, “Entrance to Engineer Dept.”, 3 different “US Naval Academy.”, “Trophies of the Mex.....” (Monument decoration), #840 “Engineer’s Dept.”, #845 “New Quarters.” (Bldg), #852 (close-up of monument and captured cannon), #857 “Lawn, etc.”, #867 (Armstrong Gun), #886 (some kind of military drill which inc artillery pieces), #901 “Great Practice Mortar.”, #920 “Trophy Guns, etc.”, #924 “Neptune Fountain.” (In front of Engineer Dept), #928 “Music Stand, USA Academy.” (Musicians playing) and #930 (Chapel) Images G+ TO Exc., mts Fair (delicate marginal corner on one may be separate by arrival) TO Exc.  
$ 164
 (Inc BOATS & SHIPS) (12 views) 3 NS Bowdish (Richfield Springs, NY address, Resource says Scarce) (Untitled image of distant boat on the water), “Armory of Naval Academy.”, “SANTEE deck.”, 4 more yellow mts, these Anon; “Steamship Dept.” (Scale model ships of various sizes on display), “Mess Hall.”, “Board House.” and “Armory.”, 4 W M Chase; “US Naval Academy.” (Larger less-close boats, nearer to foregrnd are many smaller boats, each with a number, with people in them), “Steam Bldg, Machine Shop, Sat June 4, 1868. Tom ‘Kotsy’(?) In the background working at the bench.”, “Naval Academy.” (View of the grounds and some not-close ships), “Between Decks, Starboard Side.” and Anon very tall mt “Seamanship Drill.” (Sailors on the masts) The Board House view has some darkened-in flaws at left of left print. Some stains in the lot. Images G to G+ TO Exc., mts Fair TO Exc.  
$ 145
 (Ships & Boats) (7 W M Chase) #876 (top deck, SANTEE, some soil and several stains, tones VG+, mt Fair), #878 “US Ship SANTEE.” (Gun deck, bit of emulsion off at bottom of right print, and a stain in left print, couple of other very minor marks, tones Exc., mt VG), #887 “Interior of Armory.” (Lower gun deck, image VG+, mt G++), #897 “Midshipmen at Boat-Practice.” (Scullers in foregrnd, ships seen beyond, a couple of minor stains and light soil, tones Exc., mt VG+), #899 “Boarding Exercise.” (Sabers out, some staining in sky, tones Exc.,mt Exc.), #1217 “US Ships CONSTITUTION and SARATOGA.” (A few stains and light to moderate foxing, tones Exc., mt VG) and #1587 “Old IRONSIDES.” (Last view Exc.)  
$ 155
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