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Auction Ended: Thursday June 8th & Friday June 9th, 2017 at 9:00 PM Eastern

Auction Local Time: Apr 22, 2018 19:42:40 EDT

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All Bids are in U.S. Dollars

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Category: STEREO POSTCARDS (1 to 14)

STEREO POSTCARDS Assume mechanical reproduction process, usually heliotypes, bit sharper than most lithographs. Some are not postcards, but are that size, and I’ll note that. These are all approximately 3 ½" tall X 5 1/4" wide. Good condition might include softness of the paper, or very light mold. The very odd lot with several groups in it MIGHT have the odd dupe, unlikely, but possible. ‘LL’ = Levy (fils) ELD = E le Deley
Final Bid
 (Mostly) FRANCE: (64 cards) 9 LAUSANNE SWITZERLAND by ELD., 5 BIARRITZ by ELD, 5 BIARRITZ by A Reichenbach; #442 - 446., CAUTERETS by ELD (Series 60, 12/12), 8 TRIANON exteriors by ELD., 13 VERSAILLES, TRIANON SOUS LA NEIGE by ELD (Series 36, 13 views) and PIERREFONDS & COMPIEGNE by LL (12/12) Generally VG TO Exc.. MB$55.  
$ 55 *
 FRANCE: (64 cards) CAUTERETS by LL (5/12, these are green backs, missing 1 - 7), VERSAILLES - TRIANON interiors by Julien Damoy, 6 cards., PALAIS DE VERSAILLES by J Damoy set #19 (3 cards), CAUTERETS by J Damoy (set #12, 8/12, missing #1, 8 - 10), AIX LES BAINS by Cartoscope (City Hall), 2 Cartoscope CAUTERETS (#192 & 198), 2 cards (one postally used) by JB Talabot; #124 LOURDES and #214 PAU., ROUEN by LL (11/24, missing 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 - 17, 19) and LES PYRENEES by LL (24/24 series 30, plus #27 & 29 from apparently same set) Generally VG TO Exc. MB$55.  
$ 55 *
 (Cave) GROTTES DE BETHARRAM, FRANCE: (60 cards) 1 set of 40 cards and 1 set of 20 cards. All are by LL, the set of 20 cards is green-back, also has ‘Cliche Ziegler’ machine printed on them. The first two sets come in cardboard folder / envelope. (VG TO Exc.) MB$85.  
$ 85 *
 (34 post cards plus 8 REAL PHOTO cards) The realphoto cards are by SIP (various Paris sites), GENOA ITALY by ELD, 10 (MARINE DE GUERRE, French military, mostly naval on-deck views by J Damoy (set #13), Set of 24 by LL; MARINE; A BORD D’UN TRANSATLANTIQUE (interesting set includes some interior images) The realphoto cards have some creasing, the rest generally VG TO Exc. MB$50.  
$ 50 *
 ITALY: (76 cards) L’ITALIE by LL (23/24, missing #24, all postcards), ROME by LL (24/24, but #9, 10 & 24 have No# and are the only ones in the set which are Not postcards), ROME by Julian Demoy (11/12, missing #4, all postcards), PAVIA by E Le Deley (11/12, no #s, all postcards) and 7 miscellaneous, 3 are not postcards and of the other four, two have letters on back) G TO Exc, mostly Exc. MB$75  
$ 75 *
 ITALY (48 cards) 4 sets of 1 through 12. Three by LL; NAPLES, LACS D’ITALIE and PISE. And by Le Deley, GENES. (VG TO Exc., mostly Exc.) MB$35.  
$ 35 *
 PARIS 1900 EXPOSITION (30 views, various makers) 3 with plain, non postcard backs. Fair TO Exc. MB$41.  
$ 41
 (63 cards) SWITZERLAND (All by E Le Deley) LUCERNE (19/24, G+ TO Exc.), THOUNE Serie 120 (12/12, last card has marginal corner crease, otherwise VG TO Exc.), LAC DE THOUNE (12/12, #13 to 24, #19 bit of sky eaten away, otherwise Exc.), GENEVE Serie 101 (8/12, VG TO Exc.) And LAUTERBRUNNED Serie 126 (12/12, Fair to Exc.) MB$45.  
$ 45
 PARIS FRANCE & ITALY (2 no bid lots, total of 89 cards) Lot A; PARIS: (40 views) 3 LL: #6, 7 and #10 (VERSAILLES), A Reichenbach #31 (Square des Arts et Metiers), 11 cards (mostly by DeMoy and/or La Deley and two Lynx cards with small images on them; “Le Pantheon.” and “L’eglise de la Madeleine.” and Damoy / E Le Deley (22/24, missing #16 & 19, but there are two different #1, so total of 23 views) (Lot A; Several cards are somewhat ‘soft’ in body structure. Otherwise G++ TO Exc. One card is postally used.) And Lot B; ITALY: (49 cards) 4 sets of 12, one with an extra. 2 sets by LL; FLORENCE (13/12. an extra #11, this one tinted, green backs) and VENICE (12/12, green backs)., De Ley ROME INTERIEURES (12/12) and Julien Damoy ITALIE, PRINCIPALES VILLES (12/12) (Lot B; 2 postally used, one has a half-inch tear and two with browned paper, otherwise G++ TO Exc.) Previous starting bids of $95. MB$65.  
$ 65 *
 EUROPE: (57 cards) 6 LL SPAIN: #3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 23. (Blank backs. Inc Burgos, Saragosse, Tarragone, Elche, Cadiz, and a parade), 3 LL GREECE (green backs): #18 (Athens), #20 (Corinthe) and #24 (Temple of Theseus), 1 L:uxembourg; LL #8 (Chateau Meysenburg, green back), 1 Norway, LL #3 (Honefoss, cascades), 14 Italy: 2 Knackstedt & Nather; #537 & #602 (Rome, Coliseum) and 12 by LL (all green backs): 7 NAPLES; #2, 4 to 6, 9, 11, 12. (Inc street views, harbor, Pompeii), 2 ROME #4 (St Peter’s) and #14 (St Jean de Latran cloister), 1 FLORENCE; #3 (Loggia) and 2 LACS D’ITALIE: #6 (Lac d’Orta) and #12 (Lac Como), 3 Denmark by LL (green backs, : #5 (soldiers at Copenhagen), #6 (Chateau de Fredericksborg) and #11 (Copenhagen, new port) and 29 Belgium; 6 misc by Le Deley; (3 Antwerp and 3 Brussels), BELGIQUE by LL (11/12 missing #1, green backs) and BRUXELLES by De Ley / Damoy (12/12, #7 postally used with stamp on front) G+ TO Exc. MB$41.  
$ 41
 FRANCE & MONACO: (59 cards) LE DAUPHINE (GRENOBLE) (22/24, missing #7 & 13, five of these are green backs), 11 Misc; 2 MONTE CARLO by Damoy/ Le Deley; #3 & #7 (Gardens), 2 MONACO by Le Deley /Damoy; #9 (gardens) and #10 (Palace), 2 CORSICA by LL: (Jetie et l’Ile Pietra and Ajacia, the Quays, both green backs), 2 le Deley / Damoy; #2 (Beaulieu, Hotel des Anglais) and #3 (Nice, public garden) and LL #3 (Marseille, Palais de Longchamps, blank back), 2 by BG: #805 (St Raphael, port) and #808 (Toulon, Arsenal), 2 MENTON by LL: #1 (a tunnel, green back) and #23 (the port) and two complete sets of 12 green back cards by LL, in their original envelopes; MONTE CARLO and NICE. (One of the envelopes is missing its flap. The cards are G++ TO Exc.) MB$41.  
$ 41 *
 FRANCE: (2 no bid lots, total of 110 cards) Lot A; FRANCE & MONACO: (57 cards) COTE D’AZUR by LL (19/24, missing #1, 3, 4, 6, 10), 15 misc NICE by Le Deley (no #s), 12 NICE by Damoy / Le Deley (various #s, some missing but made up for by different views with similar #s), 7 Marseilles by Le Deley / Damoy and another six cards by Damoy / Le Deley (Lot A; two of the cards in the lot are postally used. G+ TO Exc. Minor duplication. And Lot B; TOURS, BLOIS, LOCHES (53 cards) 26 TOURS by Grand Bazaar Tours (#’s from 1 to the highest #’d card, #90. Several postally used.), BLOIS by le Deley (19/24, no #s) and LOCHES (Loire) by le Deley (8/12, no #s) (Lot B; G+ TO Exc.) Previous starting bids of $91 MB$65.  
$ 65 *
 SWITZERLAND (63 cards) LA SUISSE by LL: (24/24, all green back), Le Deley LAC DE GENEVE (10/24, no #s), ZURICH by Le Deley (12/12), 7 Lausanne by Le Deley. And 10 misc by Le Deley / Damoy inc Geneva, Thun, Lucerne and more. (The Zurich cards include a few with minor scrapes or minor eaten emulsion. Otherwise G+ TO Exc. MB$41.  
$ 41
 FRANCE, PARIS: (64 cards) le Deley PARIS (22/24, #25 to 48, missing #36 & 43. #37 is written-in), GRECO - ROMAN ANTIQUES, LE LOUVRE by le Deley (12/12), JARDIN D’ACCLIMATION (Zoo) by Damoy / le Deley (8 cards, #1, 3, 5, 7, 13, 14, 23, 24. (Various views of the city), PARIS by le Deley (15 cards, no #s) and PARIS ANIME by le Dely (7/12, no #s) G+ TO Exc. MB$41.  
$ 41 *
                                                                                                          * means Minimum Bid
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