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All Bids are in U.S. Dollars

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Category: CALIFORNIA; SAN FRANCISCO (Griscom Collection) (1 to 16)

Final Bid
 (Inc Variants) (27 views) Anon tall mt (untitled downtown view with signs & traffic, No Stereo Effect), G&G / Zahner “General view of Bay District Camp.” (I think soldiers for the Spanish - American War, but possibly 1906 Quake), Jarvis/U&U (scenic near Golden Gate), 2 U&U: #(49) 5949 (downtown busy view) & #(51) (close-up of locomotive decorated for Pres. McK visit, Oakland), Universal View (busy Market St with signs) & 21 Kilburn; #4419, 9861, 9865, 9870, 9882, 9893, 9900, 9903, 9911, 9915, two variants #9916, 9920, 9927 - 9929, 9945, 9954, 9956, 10049, 10053. (Inc a Chinatown view, Menlo Park, Golden Gate Pk, suspension bridge at Golden Gate, Stanford University & more) Images G to G+ TO Exc., mts Fair to G TO Exc. MB$135.  
$ 160
 QUAKE OF 1906 (8 views) Attributed in pencil by Andy as by Gilbert Gould (of whom the Resource says Rare) (Call Bldg seen beyond the ruins, light over title but VG+ everywhere else, mt VG), Berry, Kelley, Chadwick “Blackened Ruins & Buckingham Hotel, from Post & Mason Sts.” (Subtle vertical crease in bottom area of left print does not break the emulsion, tones Exc., mt G+) & 6 by Geo F Bouquet (Resource describes him as a ‘talented amateur,’ and doesn’t mention Rarity, but I say Rare) #7, 15, 24, 35, 40, 53. (All titled, various views of the ruins. The Bouquet views are Exc.) MB$100.  
$ 140
 QUAKE OF 1906 (6 views) All by talented amateur Geo. Bouquet. (If anyone has watched the British comedy show Keeping up Appearances, the last name should elicit a chuckle) #1, 3, 11, 23, 29, 33. (One view with minor negative flaw, otherwise all Exc.) MB$100.  
$ 130
 (7 views) (Inc snow-shoeing not SF and Ships) (7 Houseworth) #253, 259, 260, 262, 265, 301, 838. (First seven are harbour & dry dock views, the last a winter snow-shoeing view) Images Fair to G with better tones TO G+ with better tones, mts Fair to G TO G++. MB$150.  
$ 310
 (Inc Advertising & Photo related & ‘Ride’) WOODWARD’S GARDENS (2 views) Kilburn (from Original J Soule circa 1870 neg) #2705 (close-up of kids on the boat-ride, spectators seen, too, image G++, mt G.) & Muybridge No# “Art Gallery at Woodward’s Gardens.” (Andy’s pencil note on back says the man in foregrnd is Muybridge, negligible stain, tones VG+ to Exc and are Exc directly over Muybridge, mt has ad for the Gardens on back and mt is G++) MB$165.  
$ 300
 (Inc Advertising & Photo related & Zoo) WOODWARD’S GARDENS (2 Muybridge) Both No#. “Entrance to Museum at Woodward’s Gdns.” (Muybridge is the man nearest to foregrnd, I think the birds are taxidermy, some stains in sky and light fox and soil, tones VG+ to Exc., mt has ad on back for the Gdns, mt G.) and “Entrance to Woodward’s Gdns.” (People milling about. Very light overall soil. Negligible & tiny stains over sidewalk & road, tones VG to VG+, mt G++) MB$175.  
$ 210
 (Inc Bank) (3 views) Watkins #3556 (3 gents inside the Palace Hotel, tones lighter beyond the men, but perfect over them, mt VG) and 2 Houseworth; #203 (Dated 1866. Portsmouth Square with taxi cabs seen; small dark stain in sky, tones Exc., mt G+) & #347 (SF Savings & Loan Society bldg, light soil and negligible mark in sky, tones & mt Exc.) MB$100.  
$ 140
 (2 Houseworth) #228 (Pine St from Taylor, image Exc., mt VG+ to Exc.) & (dated 1866) #358 (low City overview, towards Russian Hill, is that a tower on it? Image Exc., mt VG+ to Exc.) MB$100.  
$ 150
 (2 Houseworth) #377 (perspective of Second St from Rincon Hill, negligible soil and fox, tones & mt VG to Exc.) & #378 (dated 1866) (low City overview from Second & Folsom Sts, light to moderate soil in sky, tones Exc., mt VG+ to Exc.) MB$100.  
$ 100
 (Ships) STEAMER ‘CHINA’ IN DRY DOCK (2 Watkins) #1719 (negligible soil, tones Exc., mt G.) & #1720 (stern view, negligible to very minor soil, tones Exc, mt G++) MB$175.  
$ 195
 (Ships) (3 views & 2 mono cabinet cards) Cabinet Cards; Watkins No# “Benicia, from Port Costa. The CP Ferry Boat SOLANO in her Slip.” (Ferry is very distant. VG) & ContinentStereoscopic Co “The SOLANO.”, The first stereo is an early manuscript example, #674 (Launch of the COMMANCHE, moderate soil, tones VG, mt Fair with wear), #1361 (North Pt dry dock area, some ships seen, serious stain in left print in sky, a few other minor stains mostly in sky, tones Exc towards foregrnd, lighter distant. Mt VG+) ՞ (bay view with ship, distant Alcatrax, image G+, mt VG) Two of these were owned and are signed on back by WH Myrick. MB$150.  
$ 419
 (Ships) STEAMER ‘CHINA’ (2 Watkins) #1718 (Steamer CHINA in dry dock, light soil in sky, tones VG+ to Exc., mt G++) & #1721 (similar image, same ship, closed crack in left print over the ground, only. Otherwise Exc.) With 1721 on left, the other on right, you get a kind of hyperstereo image. MB$175.  
$ 175
 (Ships) STEAMER ‘CHINA’ IN DRY DOCK (2 Watkins) #1722 (the whole ship, light soil, minor mottling over ground, tones otherwise Exc., mt G.) & #1723 (close-up of the paddle wheel area, minor soil, tones Exc., mt VG) MB$150.  
$ 190
 (Ships) (2 Watkins) #1777 (not-close view of German Frigate HERTHA, light soil, some mottling over the water, tones Exc over the not-close ship, mt VG to VG+) & #3633 (Bay view from Market St Wharf, sailboat close and distance three masted ship, image Exc., mt VG) MB$110.  
$ 155
 (Ships) FERRY BOAT ‘SOLANO’ by Watkins #3794 (crossing the Straits of Carquenez, negligible soil in sky, image otherwise Exc., mt G+) MB$125.  
$ 178
 EARTHQUAKE OF 1868 (semi-near SF): Houseworth #20 (Estudillo Mansion at San Leandro) Image VG+ with Exc tones, mt VG but fresh. MB$175.  
$ 175
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