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  • Business Name field
  • Email address field
  • Street address, City, State, Zip & Country fields
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    How to Register to Bid

    When you fill out the register to Bid form, and click on "Submit Bidder Registration" button, the form is sent to the auctioneer who is conducting the auction. The Name, Email, Address, City, State, Zip and Phone number fields are required, all other fields are optional.

    NAME field

    Fill in the Name field with your legal name.

    Business Name field

    Fill in the Business Name field with your Business or Trade name if you are planning on participating in the auction as a representative of a business interest. If you are acting as an individual, you business name is optional.

    Email address field

    The Email Address field is required for all people signing up. The email address must be of the format "" where the name is your mailbox name, is the domain address of your Internet service provider. Remember some providers use the .net, .org, or other extensions.

    Street address, City, State, Zip & Country fields

    It is required that you fill in your address on the form. If you live in the United States, then you must fill in the Street, City, State and Zip fields and you need not fill in the Country. If you live outside the United States, you must fill in the City and Country fields.

    Phone Number

    Fill in your phone number where the auctioneer can reach you. This field is required.

    Shipping Information

    If your shipping address is different from the address above, you should fill in the Shipping Information fields. This will help the auctioneer when packing the Lots you win to ship them to the correct address. These field are optional.


    By filling in this field, you are asking the auctioneer to use this as your password when your account is set up. The auctioneer is under no obligation to use this as the password they assign. The minimum length of the password is 5 characters. If the password is entered, and is not at least 5 characters long, an error will be returned. This field is optional.

    Reseller Tax Number

    If you have a valid resale certificate, then you should enter the Resale Number here. This will help the auctioneer set up your account correctly so that sales tax will not be applied to your invoice. The information is optional.

    I Accept Box

    In order to bid, you are required to agree to the Terms And Conditions of the Auction. You must check the box to the right of the 'I Accept' statement at the bottom of the registration page.

    How to Return to Register to Bid in Auction

    To Return to Register to Bid in Auction, Click on the button marked "BACK" at the top of the browser or on the "Return to Register to Bid in Auction" button below or at the top of the page. This will take you back to the Register to Bid in Auction page.

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