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JUST A FRENDLY REMINDER: As of today, May 31st, we have not received your payment for items won in the April, 29th ’Colors of Spring Auction #130! If a payment has recently been sent, please disregard this message. If a payment has not been sent, please send one as quickly as possible. Thank you.

We accept Personal Checks and Money Orders We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

PLEASE NOTE: If paying by credit card an additional 3% of the total has been added to your invoice. If paying by check or money order this 3% has been deducted. To pay by credit card call: (215) 679-5849 We also accept PayPal in U.S. Dollars, and English Pounds. Our PayPal account is: PLEASE NOTE: If paying by PayPal an additional 3% has been added to this invoice. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: All payments for this auction are to be mailed to our Pennsylvania office: GLASS WORKS AUCTIONS, PO Box 180, East Greenville, PA 18041.

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