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'Premier' Auction 149

Auction # 149

Auction Ended: April 26th, 2021 at 10 PM EDT

Auction Local Time: Oct 19, 2021 20:29:17 EDT

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1. “WILLIAM ALLEN'S - CONGRESS BITTERS”, (Ring/Ham, A-29), Vermont, ca. 1865 - 1875, rich emerald green color semi-cabin, 10 1/4"h, smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth.

About perfect. Some glass whittle and wonderful overall clarity of color that remains constant throughout. A popular Vermont bitters that can be found in several attractive colors, including this one, which makes for an attractive collection when all are assembled!

7 $ 1,800

2. “BERKSHIRE BITTERS - AMANN & CO / CINCINNATI, O.”, (Ring/Ham, B-61), Ohio, 1870 - 1875, deep olive amber feet shading to a more black amber color body figural pig, 10 1/4" in length, smooth base, sheared and ground mouth.

An area of light scattered scratches are on the Berkshire side. Some minor in-making grinding chips are on the lip. Not the usual shade of amber normally seen and one of the darker colored ones.

7 $ 2,000

3. “O.P. BISSELL & CO / PEORIA ILL - GREAT / WESTERN TONIC BITTERS / PATENTED. JANY, 21, 1868”, (unlisted), Illinois, ca. 1870 - 1880, reddish amber, 9 1/8"h, “L & W”, on smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth, 85% or better front and back original labels are in both English and German.

A tiny flake is off a base corner, otherwise in perfect condition and full of air bubbles. Obviously extremely rare and probably unique with original labels. Ex. Chris Batdorff Collection. Dan Catherino Collection.

20 $ 1,900

4. “BROWN’S CATALINA”, (Ring/Ham, pg. 120), American, ca. 1865 - 1875, amber Spanish cannon form bottle, 10 7/8”h, smooth base, applied double collar mouth.

Perfect condition, lots of tiny air bubbles. A number exist, but most have some type of damage so it’s refreshing to see one in this pristine condition!

15 $ 550

5. “BROWN’S / CELEBRATED / INDIAN HERB BITTERS - PATENTED / 1868”, (Ring/Ham, B-226), Pennsylvania, ca. 1868 - 1875, yellow with olive tone Indian Princess, 12 1/8”h, smooth base, inward rolled lip.

Perfect ‘like new’ condition, good strong impression and not even a spot of wear. Really a beautiful bottle with a fully intact inward rolled lip and attractive color, considerably better than the usual amber you normally see. As Queen’s go this is one of the nicer ones!

27 $ 7,000

6. (Slug Plate) / “CLARKE’S / VEGETABLE / SHERRY / WINE / BITTERS / SHARON / MASS”, (Ring/Ham, C-160), Massachusetts, ca. 1840 - 1860, bluish aqua, 11 5/8”h, open pontil, applied tapered collar mouth.

About perfect (some very light content haze). Highly whittled glass, a big gutsy impressive looking bottle!

14 $ 1,300

7. “CLIFFORD / & / FERNALD’S - ORIGINAL - INDIAN / VEGETABLE / BITTERS - BOSTON MASS.”, (Ring/Ham, C-174), Massachusetts, ca. 1840 - 1860, aqua, 6 3/4”h, open pontil, applied mouth.

A few tiny in-making crazing lines are in the neck, otherwise this extremely rare bottle is in perfect condition. It’s been 25-years since the last on was sold at auction! Ex. Carlyn Ring Collection.

28 $ 6,500

8. “DR. DeANDRIES - SARSAPARILLA / BITTERS - E.M. RUSHA / NEW ORLEANS”, (Ring/Ham, D-35), Louisiana, ca. 1865 - 1875, yellowish olive amber, 9 3/4"h, smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth.

It appears that a chip on a corner at the base has been polished down, otherwise in overall excellent condition. A scarce bottle in a rare color! Dan Catherino Collection.

16 $ 1,500

9. “DOYLE’S - HOP - BITTERS - 1872” / Cluster of Hops), (Ring/Ham, D-94), New York, ca 1872 - 1880, reddish amber semi-cabin, 9 3/4”h, smooth base, applied double collar mouth.

This is the extremely rare ‘arch’ embossed ‘Bitters’ variant and larger size mould. With the exception of three embossing variants, Doyle’s Hop Bitters are among the most common of all bitters bottles. Of these variants one has Doyle’s spelled backwards, another has Doyle’s on all four shoulder panels spelled backwards, and this bottle with the arched Bitters. All are rated as being extremely rare and a real challenge to acquire all three! Dan Catherino Collection.

17 $ 850

10. “THE FISH / BITTERS - W.H. WARE / PATENTED 1866”, (Ring/Ham, F-46), American, ca. 1866 - 1870, clear glass with a strong amethystine tint fish, 11 5/8”h, “PATENT 1866 / W.H. WARE” on smooth base, applied mouth.

An exceptional example in several ways, having a very bold impression but most importantly in an extremely rare coloration that shows more of the amethyst tint than any others we’ve seen and is in pristine perfect condition!

9 $ 6,500

12. “HOFFHEIMER BROTHERS - BAVARIAN BITTERS”, (Ring/Ham, H-34), American, ca. 1870 - 1880, deep reddish amber, 9 1/4”h, smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth.

A tiny flake is off the top edge of the lip, otherwise perfect. A rare bitters and with numerous trapped air bubbles. Ex. Charles Gardner Collection. Dan Catherino Collection.

15 $ 650

13. “HIGHLAND BITTERS / AND / SCOTCH TONIC”, (Ring/Ham, H-117), Tennessee, ca. 1865 - 1875, medium orange amber barrel, 9 7/8”h, smooth base, applied mouth.

Some light spotty interior stain otherwise perfect. The only true figural bitters bottle form the State of Tennessee, highly sought after and not readily available! Ex. Ralph van Brocklin Collection.

6 $ 2,750

14. “DR. STEPHEN JEWETT'S - CELEBRATED HEALTH / RESTORING BITTERS - RINDGE, N.H.”, (Ring/Ham, J-37), New Hampshire, ca. 1840 - 1860, olive yellow, 7 3/8"h, iron pontil, applied single ring mouth.

Perfect condition, highly whittled glass, attractive color and has an extra 'flow' of glass on the side of the neck. One of the better colors for this mould!

16 $ 4,250

15. Saltglaze Stoneware Jug, ‘Lancaster Tonic Bitters / From C.A. Wood & Co. / 37 Haverhill St. Boston’, (impressed on the shoulder), (Ring/Ham, L-12), Massachusetts, ca. 1875 - 1890, grayish pottery with a cobalt blue stylized flower on the front, 11 1/4”h, handled.

A flat 3/4” by 1/3” chip is off the side at the base, a smaller one is off the side of the lip. Of the know bitters only a very few were sold in bulk stoneware containers. Extremely rare, having no auction record. and would be a great addition in the bottle den!

9 $ 600
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