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  "G.G. WASHINGTON" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - EAGLE Historical Flask, an early Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1825 - 1835. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (a pinhead flake and bit of roughness on the inside edge of the lip; a moderate-to-fair amount of scattered fine high point wear, primarily on the bust and lapels, a weak impression in the shoulders, as is often the case, and a small patch of interior milkiness). GI-9. A rare, seldom offered flask.

As we try to do for complete accuracy, we have noted the flaws that take away from it being considered 'perfect' or 'mint'. However, the roughness on the inside edge of the lip and patch of light interior haze in the reverse, are both minor. With a light cleaning, the flask would present very nicely on a shelf. Even to some degree, the noted exterior wear could be mitigated, if desired.

If you like early beaded molds, don't miss this opportunity to add this rare flask to your collection. See Mark Vuono's informative article, The Early Washington Group, AB&GC, May, 2013. Mark writes in the article, "the flask is listed as rare, and deservedly so". It may be a while before another opportunity comes around, and if perfect, at a considerably higher cost!
4 $ 750
 "GENERAL WASHINGTON" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "E PLURIBUS UNUM" / EAGLE / "T.W.D - ADAMS & JEFFERSON / JULY 4 A.D. 1776 - KENSINGTON GLASS / WORKS PHILADELPHIA" Historical Flask, Kensington Glass Works, 1826 - 1835. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - pontil scar, Pt, virtually perfect; (just a faint touch of light wear, and a slightly weak impression in the shoulders - as is typical for the mold). GI-14. A particularly nice example, bright and sparkling.  
14 $ 700
 "WASHINGTON" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "BRIDGETON" (STAR) "NEW JERSEY" / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, Bridgeton Glass Works, Bridgeton, NJ, 1845 - 1855. Bright, bluish aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (some scattered high point wear and a small flake on the top of the lip, likely occurring when the mouth was sheared, mentioned for complete accuracy). GI-24. A bright clean example of this popular mold that is not easy to find.  
16 $ 240
  WASHINGTON - "ALBANY GLASS WORKS / N Y" Historical Flask, Albany Glass Works, probably 1847 - 1850. Aquamarine, sheared, tooled mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, near mint; (some light high point wear on the reverse, otherwise perfect). GI-30. A comparatively scarce little flask that does not come around often.  
12 $ 550
  "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - (Reverse plain), Historical Flask, Lockport Glass Works, Lockport, NY, 1848 - 1855. Medium blue green, applied ring collar with bevel - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt, near mint; (a trace of typical minor wear, and a shallow 1 ¼" in-manufacture pontil flake that extends to the edge of the base, but not visible on display, otherwise perfect). GI-47. A nice example with good depth of color, clarity, and overall excellent condition.  
4 $ 600
  "LAFAYETTE" / BUST OF LAFAYETTE / "COVETRY / C-T" - STARS AND LIBERTY CAP / "S&S", Coventry Glass Works, 1824 - 1830. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - pontil scar, Pt; (professionally cleaned to original luster and near mint, but retains a bit of light oxidation, or fine graininess, between the ribs and a little on the reverse). GI-85a. Extremely rare, only three known in aqua, and one of the other two being damaged. Variant with two rivet impressions in the shoulder.  
7 $ 8,500
  FRANKLIN - FRANKLIN Historical Flask, probably Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, 1825 - 1835. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a little high point wear and a few light scratches, otherwise perfect). GI-97. A scarce flask that does not come around often. The noted little scratches and wear spot are most noticeable on the forehead on one side, and is otherwise a brilliant, sparkling example.  
18 $ 400
  EAGLE - EAGLE Historical Flask, Louisville Glass Works, 1855 - 1865. Medium-to-deep yellowish grass green, applied double ring collar - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a tiny 1/8" annealing line in the medial rib; some moderate high point wear, and a 3/8" chip or depression on the lip has been finely polished). GII-31. Ex. Glenn Quimby collection. A comparatively scarce mold in a rare color. Despite the noted condition issues, a great looking, desirable, flask that would have a big presence on any shelf.

Note; there is a sizeable ½" x 1" piece of glass that was embedded into the base during manufacture. At the time the flask was blown, it must have been set down while still malleable, onto a shard, or piece of glass from another flask, and cooled this way in the annealing oven.
7 $ 600
  EAGLE - "COFFIN & HAY." / STAG / "HAMMONTON" Historical Flask, Coffin & Hay Glass Manufactory, Hammonton, NJ, 1836 - 1847. Clear, medium bluish green, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, perfect. GII-50. A scarce mold in any color, and very scarce-to-rare in this blue green coloration. The last example offered in this, or similar color, was almost 15 years ago. Great color, excellent impression, clarity, and condition. A little sweetheart of a flask.  
12 $ 3,250
  EAGLE - FURLED FLAG / "FOR OUR COUNTRY" Historical Flask, Coffin & Hay Glass Manufactory, Hammonton, NJ, 1838 - 1847. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, near mint; (a few spots of very light, minor interior milkiness, primarily near the base, otherwise perfect). GII-52. A bright, clean, sparkling example, the noted small wisps of faint haze are barely noticeable. Note; an early collector tag remains on the base.  
16 $ 250
  EAGLE - "NEW LONDON" / ANCHOR / "GLASS WORKS" Historical Flask, 1856 - 1860. Clear, medium green, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (a tiny potstone on the side of the flask with an 1/8" cooling line, and a couple of small, paper-thin open bubbles, otherwise mint). GII-67. A great little flask, comparatively scarce, having strong color that does not wash out, a crisp, bold impression, almost no wear, and outstanding character - the glass is filled with tiny seed bubbles.  
9 $ 900
  EAGLE - CORNUCOPIA Historical Flask, Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks, 1830 - 1842. Yellowish olive amber below the shoulders shading to a deep olive amber near the base, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (some minor interior, likely washable, residue in the shoulders, a little typical light wear, and a 3/16" chip along the top of the lip that may have occurred in-manufacture). GII-72b. A scarce mold that is listed by McKearin as "Rare". A nice example with crude, pebbly glass.  
9 $ 160
  EAGLE - EAGLE Historical Flask, a Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1855 - 1865. Aquamarine applied heavy ring collar - iron pontil scar, Qt, virtually perfect; (a little spotty light interior residue, primarily in the shoulders, and almost certainly washable, otherwise perfect). Unlisted, similar to GII-104, but without inscription in oval frame. Also, scarce having the iron pontil scarred base.  
10 $ 160
  CORNUCOPIA - URN Pictorial Flask, probably Coventry Glass Works, Coventry, CT, 1835 - 1849. Clear medium emerald coloration, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, virtually attic mint; (a little light high point wear, otherwise perfect). GIII-7. A very pretty example, nice clarity and color from top to bottom.  
13 $ 400
  CORNUCOPIA - "LANCASTER GLASS WORKS N.Y" / URN Pictorial Flask, Lancaster Glass Works, Lancaster, NY, 1849 - 1855. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, virtually attic mint; (some light washable interior residue, and just the slightest trace of wear, otherwise perfect). GIII-16. A very nice example of this glasshouse embossed, Western, New York, pictorial flask that is not getting any easier to find!  
7 $ 550
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