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 "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "DYOTTVILLLE GLASS WORKS PHILAD.A / GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS" / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, 1848 - 1855. Brilliant yellow green with an olive tone, almost an olive-yellow coloration, applied square collar - smooth base, Pt, perfect. GI-38. A spectacular example in a rare, eye-appealing color. Provenance: Ex. Jack Whistance, Bob Mebane collections.

An outstanding example, pristine condition, and in a color seldom encountered in a flask.
8 $ 4,500
 WASHINGTON - TAYLOR Portrait Flask, probably Dyottville Glass Works, 1855 - 1860. Medium emerald coloration, applied sloping collar with ring - smooth base, Qt, near mint; (just the slightest trace of very light high point wear, primarily on the reverse, and a minor pinhead bit of roughness on the inside edge of the lip). GI-54. A beautiful color, and with some nice whittling and character to the glass.  
4 $ 750
  Lot of (2), Washington Flasks, probably Dyottville Glass Works, 1850 - 1865. "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS" / BUST OF TAYLOR, and, BUST OF WASHINGTON - SHEAF OF RYE. Both aquamarine, sheared lip and applied round collar with bevel, blowpipe pontil scar and smooth base, ½ Pts, both are sparkling, attic examples! GI-41, and GI-59 respectively.

The pontiled GI-41 is a crisp little sparkler of a flask, the GI-59 is an excellent example as well, and a comparatively scarce mold.
3 $ 120
 "LAFAYETTE" / BUST OF LAFAYETTE / "T.S". - "DE WITT CLINTON" / BUST OF CLINTON / "CONVENTRY / C-T" Historical Flask, Coventry Glass Works, 1824 - 1830. Beautiful, yellowish olive amber, sheared mouth - pontil scar, Pt, virtually attic mint! (only a slight trace of very faint wear, otherwise pristine). GI-80. A fantastic example, much better than average, with crisp, very bold embossing, and great character; the glass is absolutely filled with tiny seed bubbles.  
13 $ 1,300
  "JENNY LIND" / BUST OF JENNY LIND - "GLASS WORKS" / GLASS FACTORY / "S. HUFFSEY" Historical Calabash, probably Isabella Glass Works, Brooklyn, NJ, 1850 - 1860. Deep bluish aquamarine, almost a light blue green, applied sloping collar with bevel - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (just a slight trace of faint light wear, otherwise sparkling attic mint). GI-99. A beautiful example, bright and clean.  
7 $ 160
  "JENY LIND" / BUST OF JENY LIND - STAR / "GLASS FACTORY" / GLASS FACTORY Historical Calabash, probably Whitney Glass Works, Glassboro, NJ, 1857 - 1862. Light blue green with a teal tone, applied sloping collar - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt, very near mint; (just a touch of very light exterior wear, otherwise perfect). GI-102. A scarce mold, good strong embossing, great color. We sold a G-102 mold in a similar, slightly deeper, color in Nov. 2015. A beautiful example.  
9 $ 650
  "LOUIS KOSSUTH" / BUST OF KOSSUTH - STEAM FRIGATE / "U.S. STEAM FRIGATE / MISSISSIPPI / S. HUFFSEY" Historical Calabash, probably Milford Glass Works, Milford, NJ, 1852 - 1860. Aquamarine, applied sloping collar - "PH. DOFLEIN / MOULD MAKER / NTH 5! ST 84" (on base), blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a tiny bit of lip edge roughness that you can feel, but is not easy to see, otherwise near mint). GI-112. One of the most detailed, and historical, of all the Calabash molds.  
11 $ 375
  "KOSSUTH" / BUST OF KOSSUTH - TREE Historical Calabash, America, 1852 - 1860. Bright yellow with a slight olive tone, applied sloping collar with bevel - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a ¾" chip on the wide base ring, otherwise very near mint). GI-113. Gorgeous color. In addition, this example has two pontil scars. One is a heavy blowpipe, or "open pontil", about 1" in diameter, the second is a large, almost 1 ¾" diameter, delicate blowpipe pontil scar.  
8 $ 325
  BUST OF BYRON - BUST OF SCOTT Portrait Flask, probably an early Stoddard glasshouse, Stoddard, NH, 1842 - 1850. Bright, yellowish golden amber with a slight olive tone, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (just a trace of faint wear, and a small area of minor roughness on the edge of the lip that is likely in-making). GI-114. A very light, pretty example, and with some bubbles and character to the glass.  
4 $ 160
 BUST OF COLUMBIA - EAGLE / "B&W" Historical Flask, probably Kensington Glass Works, 1825 - 1835. Bright aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, attic mint! GI-121. A comparatively scarce mold, bright sparkling example. Provenance: James Becker collection.  
11 $ 375
  EAGLE - CORNUCOPIA Historical Flask, an early Pittsburgh or Monongahela glasshouse, 1825 - 1835. Light citron, or yellowish green coloration, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, virtually attic mint; (just the slightest trace of faint high point wear on the reverse, otherwise pristine perfect). GII-11a. A very rare and desirable mold. This particular example is almost eggshell-thin, with a good impression, and in outstanding condition.  
12 $ 1,000
  EAGLE - "RAVENNA" / ANCHOR / "GLASS / COMPANY" Historical Flask, Ravenna Glass Company, 1857 - 1864. Brilliant aquamarine, applied ring collar with lower bevel - iron pontil scar, Pt, sparkling attic mint! GII-37. A fantastic example, "out of the mold" pristine condition, bold, strong embossing. A "finest possible example". You will definitely go a while before you find another one this nice.  
12 $ 325
 "LIBERTY" / EAGLE - "WILLINGTON / GLASS, Co / WEST WILLINGTON / CONN" Historical Flask, 1850 - 1860. Medium-to-deep reddish amber, applied round collar with lower bevel - smooth base, Qt; (only the slightest trace of very minor wear on the reverse, otherwise pristine perfect). GII-61. Fantastic color, plenty of rich orange and reddish tones, nice character, whittled, and with almost no high point wear as is common on this mold. A great example. Provenance: Ex. Robert Pattridge collection.  
14 $ 1,000
  "LIBERTY" / EAGLE - "WILLINGTON / GLASS, Co / WEST, WILLINGTON / CONN" Historical Flask, 1860 - 1872. Willington Glass Works, 1860 - 1872. Rich, medium to deep emerald with an olive tone, applied sloping collar - smooth base, Pt; (some scattered light exterior wear, otherwise near mint). GII-62. Beautiful color, and with plenty of tiny bubbles throughout.  
6 $ 425
  "LIBERTY" / EAGLE - "WILLINGTON / GLASS, Co / WEST WILLINGTON / CONN" Historical Flask, 1860 - 1872. Bright, medium-to-deep bluish green, or "Willington" green, applied sloping collar - smooth base, Pt; (some scattered high point wear, as is common on this mold, and a little roughness along the top edge of the lip). GII-64. A very pretty example in a scarce, desirable color.  
16 $ 2,000
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