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 "GENERAL WASHINGTON" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "E PLURIBUS UNUM" / EAGLE / "T.W.D - ADAMS & JEFFERSON / JULY 4 A.D. 1776 - KENSINGTON GLASS / WORKS PHILADELPHIA" Historical Flask, Kensington Glass Works, 1826 - 1835. Rich, medium emerald, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (a touch of minor wear, otherwise perfect). GI-14. Good rich color and a strong mold impression - which is not easy to find, a great example! Provenance: Ex. Jack Whistance collection.

The GI-14 mold, is aptly nicknamed the "Firecracker" flask. On July 4, 1826, exactly 50 years from the date of their signing of the Declaration of Independence, former Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died within five hours of each other. This flask commemorates these two Presidents, this historic event, General Washington, as well as the American eagle, and the glassmaker, Thomas W. Dyott.

We sold a nice example of a green 'Firecracker' flask in our Auction #16, June, 2016. This one is every bit as nice in terms of color, and with a stronger mold impression.
10 $ 5,500
 "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "A LITTLE MORE GRAPE CAPTAIN BRAGG" / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, 1848 - 1855. Gorgeous, medium cobalt, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (just a bit of high point wear including a small spot on Washington's cheek, a pinhead flake on the lip, and a tiny open bubble on reverse, otherwise perfect!) GI-42. Outstanding in terms of color, clarity, impression and condition.

A top example! A few cobalt GI-42 examples have been auctioned over the past 10 years (2012, 2014, 2016), each having 'minor wear', that have brought between $5,000 - $10,000. None of them would have anything over on this one. Blue Washington - Taylor flasks have always been popular and may not be quite as rare as folks once thought. However, this one is an exception. Very seldom will you find one with this nice of color (not too light, not too dark), great impression, fantastic condition.
12 $ 4,250
  "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "I HAVE ENDEAVOUR,D TO DO MY DUTY" / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, 1848 - 1855. Bubbly, medium yellowish green, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt, near mint; (just a bit of typical, minor light wear, otherwise virtually perfect). GI-43. A very nice example with a good depth of color, excellent condition, and nice bubbly glass! Ex. Mike Roberts collection.  
4 $ 750
  WASHINGTON - TAYLOR Portrait Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, 1848 - 1855. Deep cornflower blue, almost a sapphire coloration, applied sloping collar - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt, near mint; (a 1/8" flake on the back edge of the lip, and just a slight trace of very minor wear, otherwise perfect). GI-51. A very pretty, beautiful and scarce color, with excellent character having a crude pebbly glass texture. Provenance: Ex. Mike Roberts collection.  
9 $ 1,500
  BUST OF TAYLOR / "ROUGH AND READY" - "MAJOR" / BUST OF RINGGOLD / "RINGGOLD." Historical Flask, possibly Baltimore Glass Works, 1846 - 1850. Beautiful light-to-medium amethyst coloration, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (a 1 ¼", in-making, sliver type pontil flake extends along the edge of the base, otherwise attic mint). GI-71. A beautiful flask, great eye-appealing color, almost no wear, and with a bold, stronger-than-average impression.

Note; many of the known examples exhibit a pinkish-amethyst tone to their color. This example is in more of a true amethyst coloration.
15 $ 1,900
  "ZACHARY TAYLOR" / BUST OF TAYLOR / "ROUGH & READY" - "CORN FOR THE WORLD" / CORNSTALK Historical Flask, Baltimore Glass Works, 1848 - 1855. Pinkish raspberry puce below the shoulders shading to a deep raspberry puce near the base, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (professionally cleaned to original luster and near mint; a 3/16" pontil flake at edge of base). GI-74. A gorgeous flask in a very rare mold and color, crisp, strong impression!

This incredible flask was found kitty-corner from the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion in Columbia, S.C., March, 1989. It was dug by Harvey S. Teal, John Derrick and Paul Jeter, founding members of the South Carolina Bottle Club. This is the first time the flask has been offered at public auction. Only a handful of examples of this Zachary Taylor mold are known in color. An extremely rare, beautiful, and important flask.
15 $ 24,000
 BUST OF GRANT (Within Wreath) - EAGLE / "UNION" Historical Flask, Midwest, probably a Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1869 - 1875. Aquamarine, applied collar with band - smooth base, Pt, near mint; (a tiny pinhead bit of roughness at edge of base, some light interior residue or faint haze, likely washable). GI-79. Noted by McKearin as "Rare", this mold does not come around often. A fresh find from an estate in New London, NH.

The flask was likely blown in conjunction with General Grant's first presidential campaign, or shortly thereafter, following his inauguration to the presidency.
15 $ 425
  "LAFAYETTE" / BUST OF LAFAYETTE / "T.S". – “DE WITT CLINTON" / BUST OF CLINTON / "CONVENTRY / C-T" Historical Flask, Coventry Glass Works, 1824 - 1830. Yellowish olive amber, sheared mouth - pontil scar, Pt; (a somewhat weak impression, as well as some high point wear, as is common on this mold). GI-80. Scarce. A classic, early, Connecticut flask blown to commemorate General Lafayette's celebrated return and tour of the United States in 1824.  
6 $ 600
  "GENERAL LA FAYETTE" / BUST OF LAFAYETTE - "REPUBLICAN GRATITUDE - KENSINGTON GLASS WORKS PHILADELPHIA - E. PLURIBUS UNUM" / EAGLE / "T.W.D" Historical Flask, Kensington Glass Works, 1824 - 1830. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - pontil scar, Pt; (a little minor light wear, and a narrow bubble on the side of the neck, open at the top, with some trapped residue, otherwise near mint). GI-90. A comparatively scarce flask, strong, bold impression!  
12 $ 325
 "KOSSUTH" / BUST OF KOSSUTH - TREE Historical Calabash, America, 1852 - 1860. Light blue green coloration, applied sloping collar with bevel - iron pontil scar, Qt, near mint; (just a trace of minor wear including a small, onionskin-thin, open surface bubble and a little light milkiness in the base, otherwise perfect). GI-113. A delicate, light, scarce color that is way better than aqua, and would definitely add to a color run of these Kossuth calabashes.  
14 $ 300
  BUST OF WEBSTER / BUST OF CLAY Historical Flask, Granite Glass Works, Stoddard, NH, 1852 - 1860. Bright, light olive with a slight yellowish tone, sheared mouth - pontil scar, ½ Pt, virtually perfect; (only the slightest trace of faint wear including a pinhead open bubble). GI-114. A great example, the glass is filled with tiny seed bubbles! Thanks to Anthony Picadio, the busts on this flask, previously undocumented, have been conclusively shown to be that of Daniel Webster and Henry Clay.  
27 $ 750
  EAGLE - FURLED FLAG / "FOR OUR COUNTRY." Historical Flask, Coffin & Hay Glass Manufactory, Hammonton, NJ, 1838 - 1847. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (some overall light interior haze, a slight trace of very minor exterior wear, but no other form of damage). GII-53. A comparatively scarce flask, and one that would likely clean to near mint condition with just a few days in the tumbler.  
19 $ 300
  EAGLE - "LIBERTY" / OAK TREE Historical Flask, America, possibly an early Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1825 - 1835. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, perfect. GII-60. A comparatively scarce and desirable mold that does not come around often, especially in this fine condition. This is a bright, clean example having virtually no wear and a much better than average mold impression!  
11 $ 750
 EAGLE - "LIBERTY" / OAK TREE Historical Flask, possibly an early Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1825 - 1835. Medium amber shading to a yellowish-honey coloration along the sides, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, virtually perfect; (only the slightest wisp of faint wear, barely noticeable, otherwise pristine). GII-60. Another fantastic example, nice density of color - not too light, not too dark (some are muddy or lack clarity), great impression, outstanding condition.  
16 $ 3,000
 EAGLE - EAGLE Historical Flask, Coventry Glass Works, Coventry, CT, 1835 - 1845. Medium olive amber, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (a little high point wear, as is typical on these high relief molds, and some washable interior content residue in one side, near the base, otherwise very near mint). GII-71. A nice little flask, and a very attractive mold with the impressive high relief eagle.  
12 $ 210
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