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 "GENERAL WASHINGTON" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - EAGLE Historical Flask, an early Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1825 - 1835. Rich, greenish aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (just the slightest trace of very faint wear, otherwise pristine perfect). GI-2. A bright, sparkling, example with an exceptionally bold impression.  
14 $ 275
  "WASHINGTON" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "JACKSON" / BUST OF JACKSON Historical Flask, Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks, Keene, NH, 1825 - 1842. Medium shading to a deep olive amber, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, virtually perfect; (slight trace of light interior residue that may wash out). GI-31. An excellent example, strong olive tones, bold embossing and virtually no wear, which is often an issue with this mold.  
14 $ 450
  "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS PHILAD.A / GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS" / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, 1855 - 1860. Colorless with a slight pale green tone in the base, applied sloping collar - smooth base, Qt, perfect. GI-37. Crisp, very strong mold impression, virtually no high point wear, rare 'color', outstanding condition!

This mold can be found in a variety of colors. It is the absence of color that makes this one very scarce-to-rare. This example will definitely stand out in any grouping of Washington - Taylor flasks!
11 $ 475
 "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS" / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, 1848 - 1855. Yellowish olive coloration, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, virtually perfect; (a little washable interior residue, and a paper-thin 1/8" flake on the inside edge of the lip). GI-41. Strong embossing, almost no wear, great color, character, and condition, a top example!

They don't come much nicer than this. A beautiful color that passes plenty of light, nice character, outstanding condition. This example was found in the attic of an old home in Watkins Glen, NY, and has never been offered on the market. A little 'sweetheart' of a flask.
25 $ 6,500
 "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, probably Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, 1848 - 1855. Light yellow green, applied ring collar - smooth base, Qt, near mint; (just a touch of very faint spotty haze, barely noticeable and non-distracting, otherwise virtually perfect). GI-45. A mold that is very difficult to obtain and aptly charted by McKearin as "Very rare".  
2 $ 275
 WASHINGTON - TAYLOR Portrait Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, 1848 - 1855. Pale, greenish aquamarine, virtually colorless through the body, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a tiny, pinhead bit of roughness on the edge of the sheared mouth, otherwise attic mint). GI-51. A very scarce 'color' for this mold being nearly colorless, but in addition, excellent character, the glass is absolutely filled with tiny seed bubbles!  
6 $ 210
 "GENERAL JACKSON." / BUST OF JACKSON - EAGLE / "J.T & Co" Historical Flask, John Taylor & Co, Brownsville, PA, 1829 - 1831. Rich, deep aquamarine, almost a light blue green, sheared mouth - pontil scar, Pt; (just a trace of faint wear, and the top of the lip appears to have been lightly polished, likely to remove some minor flaking or roughness, otherwise excellent). GI-65. Scarce! A much better than average example in terms of both color, as well asmold impression. Provenance: Ex. Blaske, Vuono collections.

This scarce flask is believed to have been blown for Andrew Jackson's 1832 Presidential campaign. As noted, the color is rich, perhaps one of the deepest examples for this flask. It was actually catalogued in the Blaske sale as a "light bluish green". It was subsequently sold again in 2004 and cataloged as "rich blue-green", where it brought a hammer price of $2,200. In addition, a great impression (which is often weak on this mold).
19 $ 2,100
  BUST OF TAYLOR / "ROUGH AND READY" - "MAJOR" / BUST OF RINGGOLD / "RINGGOLD." Historical Flask, possibly Baltimore Glass Works, Baltimore, MD, 1846 - 1850. Beautiful light pinkish-amethyst, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, virtually attic mint; (only the slightest trace of minor wear, otherwise perfect). GI-71. Attractive, eye-appealing color, and nicely whittled. A flask that will stand out and add some pleasing color to any collection.  
13 $ 2,000
 "ROUGH AND READY" / BUST OF TAYLOR - "MASTERSON" / EAGLE Historical Flask, probably an early Pittsburgh district, or possibly Kentucky Glass Works, 1848 - 1855. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a slight trace of minor wear, the bottle may have been lightly cleaned, but certainly presents itself as near mint). GI-77. Listed by McKearin, Most Desirable Flasks - Group A, #26.

Although a couple of these have been offered in recent times, they are not as easy flask to acquire.
11 $ 1,300
  "LAFAYETTE" / BUST OF LAFAYETTE / "COVENTRY / C-T" - STARS AND LIBERTY CAP / "S & S" Historical Flask, Coventry Glass Works, Coventry, CT, 1825 - 1835. Bright, yellowish olive amber, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (just a slight trace of light wear, otherwise perfect). GI-86. A beautiful, bright, clean example, strong mold impression, and very little wear, which is often an issue on this mold.  
13 $ 900
 "LAFAYETTE" / BUST OF LAFAYETTE - MASONIC ARCH Historical Flask, Mt. Vernon Glass Works, Vernon, NY, 1824 - 1830. Deep olive coloration, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (a ½" annealing line from a potstone in the neck; another hard-to-see ½" hairline fissure along the medial rib, and a potstone at medial rib with a little iridescence and a 1/8" flake). GI-89. A very rare flask that displays as near mint; the noted condition issues are extremely well hidden.

This example has outstanding character. The glass has that 'frothy', bubbly, crude character. The metal is absolutely filled with tiny bubbles and impurities. If you like character and crudity, this one may be for you.
15 $ 1,000
  "WHEAT * PRICE & Co WHEELING, VA / (LONG HAIR BUST) - "FAIRVIEW" / (GLASSHOUSE) / "WORKS" Historical Flask, Wheat, Price & Co, East Wheeling (W.) VA, 1833 - 1834. Blue green, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, near mint; (a hard-to-see, tiny little ¼" hairline 'spider' crack, in the hair of the bust, and a slight trace of faint wear, otherwise pristine perfect). GI-116. Rare! Crisp, extremely bold impression, great color, character. Provenance: James Chebalo collection.

Note: The GI-116 "long-hair" is a very rare mold, almost impossible to find in perfect condition. This example will 'stand tall' with any of the other examples that are out there. The impression is crisp and bold, it has a good depth of color, and the glass is absolutely filled with tiny seed bubbles. As some folks say, it is a 'zinger' of an example.

A bit of history on this flask: Approximately 30 years ago it was acquired by Dr. Gary Johnson. It was sold as "perfect" and a 'finest possible example'. It remained in his collection for more than 20 years. It was subsequently sold privately twice, and traded hands for between $17,000 - $22,000, again, as a "mint" or near mint example. For all those years, through several exchanges, the tiny spider crack remained 'hidden' and unknown. It was discovered after Jim's passing in 2019. The flask is now being offered with that minor flaw noted, and will be passed on to another collector who appreciates the outstanding example that it is!
14 $ 11,000
  BUST OF COLUMBIA - EAGLE / "B&W" Historical Flask, probably Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, 1825 - 1835. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, very near mint; (just a slight touch of faint wear, otherwise perfect). GI-121. A comparatively scarce mold, good rich color. This early bust of Columbia is reminiscent of the figure portrayed on many early coins.  
9 $ 375
  "OUR CHOICE" / BUST OF GROVER CLEVELAND & ADLAI STEVENSON / "CLEVE & STEVE / NOVEMBER 8TH 92 / MARCH 4TH 93" - (Crowing Cock), Historical Flask, America, 1892 - 1893. Golden amber, elliptical barrel form, tooled round collar with ring - smooth base, Pt, very near mint; (a little faint interior milkiness or residue, possibly washable, otherwise perfect). GI-123a. A scarce political flask blown for the 1892 Presidential election.

Note: This pint mold is much more difficult to acquire than the ½ pint version. The flask was blown for Grover Cleveland's 1892 presidential campaign. It is interesting to note that Grove Cleveland was the only U.S. President to be elected twice, but in non-consecutive terms (1885 - 1889 and & 1893 - 1897).
19 $ 550
 EAGLE - "COFFIN & HAY." / FURLED FLAG / "HAMMONTON" Historical Flask, Coffin & Hay Glass Manufactory, Hammonton, NJ, 1838 - 1847. Aquamarine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt, perfect! GII-48. A big, bright, sparkling example. In addition, virtually no high point wear as is often found on these high relief molds. Not easy to find in this fine condition. A good one!  
10 $ 400
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