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Auction Ended: On Line Bidding Ends August 1st, 2017 at 10 PM EDT

Live Auction Bidding will begin at 9 AM Saturday August 5th, 2017
At the Mass Mutual Center, 1277 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103 Rooms: 1, 2 & 3

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Auction Local Time: Oct 23, 2017 10:56:46 EDT

PLEASE NOTE: The on-line bidding segment of the F.O.H.B.C. National Convention auction held in Springfield, Massachusetts ends this evening at 10pm..

The bidding process is identical to all of our on-line auction except the ‘snipe bid’ feature has been removed, and there are no ‘callbacks’.

When the on-line bidding ends, August 1st at 10 pm. we will record the highest bid on each lot, as well as any ‘left bid’ on the lot.

These bids will be executed at the live segment of the auction starting at 9 am Saturday morning August 5th in Springfield, Massachusetts.

An example: When the on-line segment of the auction ends, and the high bid on lot 9 is $600.00 with a left bid of $700.00, those bids will be recorded and executed at the ‘live’ part of the auction in Springfield. When the auctioneer starts the bidding on lot 9 he will start it at $600.00, the top bid from the on-line segment of the auction. If nobody in attendance at Springfield bids higher the opening bid of $600.00 will be the winning bid. If someone at Springfield elects to bid higher on lot 9, that persons next bid would be $650.00 at that time one of our floor bidders will bid the $700.00 left bid for the on-line bidder.

This is Pre-Bidding for the Live Floor Auction
No Call Backs This Auction

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1. "CLARKES GORHAM / CONGRESS NEW HAVEN", (Tucker, M-12), Connecticut, ca 1845 - 1855, blue green quart, iron pontil, applied double collar mouth, blown in a three part mold.

A tiny flake and a bruise are off the edge of the base, otherwise perfect. Crude whittled glass and lots of bubbles. This is an extremely rare and important spring water bottle, that has no prior auction record!

4 $ 1,100

2. "PATENTED / OCT. 19, 1858", (on top of glass closure), (SFJR, #522A), Pennsylvania, ca. 1860 - 1875, black amethyst quart, smooth base, rough sheared and ground lip has some in making grinding chips, original matching color glass lid. A gold background with black lettered label under glass reads: 'Gambogia' (a homeopathic herb made from the resin of the Garcinia tree, which is native to China).

Nice condition, a rare color, made even rarer by the addition of the label under glass.

5 $ 900

3. "H.L. & J.W. BROWN / HARTFORD, CT.", Connecticut, ca. 1855 - 1865, dark olive green, 7"h, smooth base, applied blob mouth.

About perfect. Some light wear and scratches from usage.

1 $ 120

4. "INDIAN / CLEMENS (motif of a standing Indian) TONIC / PREPARED BY / GEO. HOUSE", (Odell, pg. 79), Tennessee, ca. 1845 - 1860, aqua, 5 7/8"h, open pontil, outward rolled lip, 99% original label reads in part: 'Clemens' Indian Tonic, Infallible Cure for Aque and Fever' etc.

The bottle is perfect. A few of these exist, but this is one of the nicer ones.

8 $ 500

5. "GENTIANA / ROOT AND HERB / BITTERS - SETH E. CLAPP & CO / SOLE PROPRIETORS - BOSTON, MASS", (Ring/Ham, G-11), Massachusetts, ca. 1865 - 1875, aqua, 9 3/4"h, smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth.

Some light inside haze, otherwise perfect.

7 $ 275

6. "J.T. DUNBAR & CO. - WORM WOOD / CORDIAL - BOSTON", (unlisted), Massachusetts, ca. 1860 - 1870, medium yellowish green, 9 1/2"h, smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth.

An in making 'V' shaped chip extends from beneath the applied collar. Also a tiny potstone 'bruise' is on the inside heel of the base, and light overall exterior stain.

10 $ 475

7. Blown Three Piece Mold "RUM" Decanter, (GIV-7 pattern), American, ca. 1815 - 1835, clear glass, 8 3/4"h, pontil scarred base, tooled lip, correct ground glass stopper.

About perfect.

8 $ 210

8. "E. WATERS / TROY, N.Y.", (Covill, fig. 774), New York, ca. 1840 - 1860, aqua, 7"h, open pontil, applied mouth.

A 1/4" chip is off the side of the lip, otherwise perfect. Bright clean glass, good glass whittle.

4 $ 210

9. Pitkin Flask, New England, ca. 1790 - 1815, yellow olive, 36-broken rib pattern twisted to the left, 5"h, open pontil, sheared and tooled lip, blown in the German half-post method.

Nice example with a good impression and full of impurities. Note the very unusual 'short/fat' form!

10 $ 700

10. AMERICAN FLAG / "HARD CIDER" / BARREL AND PLOW - LOG CABIN, (GX-22), American, ca. 1841, aqua pint, open pontil, sheared and tooled lip.

A number of lengthy cracks crisscross the flask, mostly on the cabin side. This flask has always been associated with the 1841 presidential campaign and successful election of William Henry Harrison our ninth President.

1 $ 500

11. "J.T. BROWN / CHEMIST / BOSTON - DOUBLE / SODA / WATER", Massachusetts, ca. 1855 - 1865, medium teal blue torpedo, 9 1/8"h, smooth base, applied mouth.

Original pull over cork compressor wire closure. Some light interior haze, but no form of damage.

3 $ 350

12. "MIDDLETOWN HEALING SPRINGS / A.W. GRAY & SON / MIDDLETOWN VT.", (Tucker, V-14), Vermont, ca. 1865 - 1875, deep emerald green quart, smooth base, applied double collar quart.

Perfect condition.

1 $ 500

13. "DR. MOOREHOUSE'S - SARSAPARILLA - (motif of an eagle) / TRADE MARK", (DeGrafft, NZ-4), New Zealand, ca. 1875 - 1885, deep olive green, 9 1/4"h, "1084" on smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth.

Some spotty wear and light scratches. Considered by many of the Kiwi's to be New Zealand's number one bottle!

26 $ 425

14. "L.N. KREINBROOK'S / BITTERS / MT. PLEASANT, PA.", (Ring/Ham, K-78), Pennsylvania, ca. 1880 - 1895, amber, 7 1/4"h, smooth base, tooled mouth.

Two pinhead in size flakes are off the edge of the base. Rated as extremely rare!

9 $ 300

15. "A.M. BININGER & CO. / NO. 19, BROAD ST. N.Y. - BININGER'S / OLD KENTUCKY BOURBON - 1849 RESERVE / DISTILLED IN 1848", (Denzin, BIN-42), New York, ca. 1860 - 1870, yellow amber, 9 3/4"h, smooth base, applied tapered collar mouth, 60% original label.

About perfect (a minor open surface bubble is on a panel edge).

4 $ 350
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