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1. Fire Grenade, “HART’S LIGHTNING - FIRE EXTINGUISHER / MF,G BY THE HART LIGHTNING - FIRE EXTINGUISHER, CO. / PAT. AUG. 11, 1885.”, American, ca. 1885 - 1890, orange amber, 7 1/2”h, smooth base, rough sheared unfinished lip.

A good amount of content stain and dried contents exist, but no after production damage.

The grenade has four side and one base rounded protrusions each about 1/2” in length. It was probably designed to sit into a specially designed rack. In our almost 40-years of auctioning various grenades, this is one of the rarest (the only one we’ve seen) and most unusual grenades we have ever offered at auction! Will Young Collection.

0 $ 4,000 *

2. Fire Grenade, “BABCOCK / HAND GRENADE / NON-FREEZING / MANF’D BY FIRE EXTINGUISHER M’ F’ G. CO. / 325-331 S. DES PLAINES ST., CHICAGO”, Illinois, ca. 1880 - 1895, medium midnight blue shading to a deeper amethyst neck, 7 1/2”h, smooth base, sheared and ground lip.

Fine pristine about perfect condition.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything something like this shows up! What an unusual (and probably unique) color. If you own the cobalt blue and amber examples you need this one! Will Young Collection.

0 $ 1,500 *

3. Fire Grenade, “NO. 407 BROADWAY NEW YORK / HAYWARD HAND GRENADE FIRE EXTINGUISHER” (around the shoulder), New York, ca. 1880 - 1895, bright 7-Up green, heavy pleated and recessed body panels, 6 1/8”h, “H” on smooth base, sheared and tooled lip.

Perfect condition.

This is the scarcer variant with the additional No. 407 Broadway embossing, and in an extremely rare color! Will Young Collection.

0 $ 375 *

4. Fire Grenade, “HARDEN’S HAND / FIRE / EXTINGUISHER / GRENADE - PATENTED / NO. 1 / AUG, 8, 1871 / AUG, 14, 1883”, American, ca. 1883 - 1895, light citron green, 6 1/4”h, footed smooth base, sheared and tooled lip.

Perfect condition, very bold embossing.

This is a very rare color for this mould and radically different from the usually seen turquoise blue examples. Will Young Collection.

0 $ 300 *

5. Fire Grenade, “STAR” (inside an embossed Star) / “HARDEN STAR HAND GRENADE - FIRE EXTINGUISHER”, American, ca. 1875 - 1995, clear glass with a faint grayish tint quart, 8 1/8”h, “MAY 27, 84” is on the smooth base, sheared and tooled lip.

An internal bubble located under the letter ‘X’ has a faint disturbance in its outer glass.

Rarely seen colorless glass and the tiny mentioned flaw (if you can find it) is non-offensive. Will Young Collection.

0 $ 275 *

6. Fire Grenade, “ACME - FIRE / EXT’R - PAT’D / JUNE 29TH / 1869 - ACME”, American, ca. 1870 - 1890, yellow amber, 6”h, smooth base, sheared and ground lip.

A dump dug grenade having a heavy overall matte type stain. A 1” by 1/4” chip with a 1” crack off the side of the lip has been repaired.

A rare grenade, but with issues. Will Young Collection.

0 $ 200 *

7. Fire Grenade, “HAYWARD’S / HAND / FIRE / GRENADE - PATENTED / AUG / 8 / 1871 - S.F. HAYWARD / 407 / BROADWAY / N.Y.”, New York, ca. 1875 - 1890, medium turquoise blue color, 6 1/8”h, “4” on smooth base, tooled lip.

Perfect condition.

A scarce color for a Hayward’s diamond panel grenade! Will Young Collection.

0 $ 180 *

8. Professionally Framed Advertising Sign, ‘The Star Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher (two scenes of people using the grenade to put out a fire), The Harden Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher Co., Main Office and Factory, 51 & 53 Dearborn Street, Chicago’, etc. American, ca. 1880 - 1900, black print on paper, 16” by 12 1/2” (frame size).

Years ago several tears on an upper corner were taped over. This tape has been removed, but a brown discoloration remains. A piece of one of the upper corners and a lower corner is missing.

Will Young Collection.

0 $ 120 *

9. Professionally Framed Hand Bill with both Front and Reverse Advertising, English, ca. 1890 - 1910, printing on the front in part reads: ‘Absolute Protection From Fire, The Imperial Grenade Fire Extinguisher, The Imperial Fire Extinguisher Co. Ltd, City Bank Building. Queen Victoria St. London’. On the back: ‘Racks and Holding the Imperial Grenade fire Extinguishers’, (showing six different styles of metal racks). The frame is 12 1/4” by 9” in size.

With the exception of some slight discoloration and creases created by its original folding, it is in perfect condition.

Will Young Collection.

0 $ 120 *

10. Professionally Framed Lithia Advertising Sign, ‘Harden (Star) Grenade Fire Extinguisher, The Contents are Perfectly Harmless, In case of Fire (lists a number of offices)’. American, ca. 1885 - 1900, lettering on a red background, 9 3/4” by 6 1/2” (frame size).

Some slight loss of lithia, but no form of damage.

Will Young Collection.

0 $ 80 *

11. Professionally Framed Hanging Advertising Sign, French, ca. 1890 - 1900, black printing on a tan light cardboard in part reads: ‘Grenade Harden, Mode D’Emploi, Extncteurs Harden, 13, Rue de Vienne-Paris’. The sign is 7” by 6 1/4” in size.

Perfect condition.

Will Young Collection.

0 $ 50 *

12. Professionally Framed Advertising Hand Bill, English, ca. 1890 - 1900, in part reads: ‘Protection From Fire! The Improved Harden Star Grenade Fire Extinguisher, Price 40s. Per Doz. Three Millions Have Been Sold in Two Tears, The Harden Star and Sinclair Fire Appliance Company, 114, Cannon-Street London’ The bill side is 7” by 5” the frame size is larger.

Perfect condition.

Will Young Collection.

0 $ 50 *

13. Three Professionally Framed Advertisements, each for a Different Grenade and San Francisco Agent., American, ca. 1885 - 1900, The top advertisement is for ‘Excelsior Hand Fire Extinguisher, Office 631 Sacramento Street, San Francisco’. The middle one is for ‘The Hayward Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher, 5,000 Beat the World, Charles R. Sumner & Co, 205 Front St.’ The lower one ‘The Harden Hand-Grenade Fire Extinguisher, H.H. Gross, Sole Agent, 21 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal.’ 16 1/2” by 9 1/2" (frame size).

Has anyone seen (or heard of) a San Francisco Excelsior Grenade? Will Young Collection.

0 $ 50 *

14. Framed Page form the February 21, 1885 edition of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated, New York, ca. 1885, a sketch by a staff artist is titled ‘New York City - A recent exhibition, at Union Square, of the Harden Hand-Grenade for the extinguishment of fires’. It shows two men throwing grenades into a small burning structure. The frame is 17 3/4” by 12 1/2” in size.

The page shows no signs of damage.

Will Young Collection.

0 $ 50 *

15. English ‘Shaft and Globe’ Wine Bottle, (form like Van den Bossche, plate 70), English, ca. 1665 - 1675, yellowish olive green color, 8 1/8”h, 2 1/4” base diameter, pontil scarred base, sheared mouth, applied string lip.

In ‘as found’ condition and never cleaned. A 1 1/4” chip off the side of the string lip has been professionally repaired and is the only notable damage. The exterior is in excellent condition with good body luster and only some light stain and moderate scratches. The interior has a considerable amount of what appears to be dried contents. A horizontal swirl of dark color glass travels halfway around the bottle. The initials ‘T B’ are etched into the shoulder.

Not having the means to be able to afford bottles with identifying seals, and in an attempt to make his bottles identifiable from others when being filled at the winery, the owner etched his initials 'T B' into the glass. This is not unusual and exists on a number of early English wine bottles.

0 $ 2,500 *

16. Black Glass Onion Form Wine Bottle, “. M . / C * E / . APR . / 1700”, (unlisted), English, ca. 1700, yellowish olive green, 6 3/8”h, 4 3/8” base diameter, sheared mouth applied string lip and seal.

In ‘as found’ dug condition having a good amount of external stain and dried contents, but no form of damage.

Even the delicate string lip is fully intact! From its looks a professionally cleaning could bring it back to its original condition!

0 $ 1,500 *

17. Black Glass Onion Form Wine Bottle, “+ E + / HERBERT / 1721” (on applied seal), (Burton, pg. 592), English, ca. 1721, medium olive green, 7 1/2”h, 4 1/2” base diameter, pontil scarred base, sheared mouth, applied string lip and seal.

A rough (probably in-making) 3/8” by 1/8” chip is above the string lip, otherwise in pristine perfect condition!

This is the exact bottle pictured in Burton’s book. In an earlier publication by Ruggles-Brise it was suggested the owner to be Edmund Herbert who was a Keeper of the Royal Forest at Whittlebury, Northampton. It is believed that the ornament on both sided of the letter ‘E’ are oak leaves. In 1933 an example was exhibited at the Wine Trade Loan Exhibition, Vintners’ Hall. An example is in the Corning Museum of Glass.

0 $ 1,500 *

18. Rectangular Octagonal Form Wine Bottle, (Crown) “O A B / 1751” (on applied shoulder seal), (unlisted), English, ca. 1751, yellowish olive green, 9 1/4”, 4 3/8” by 3 1/8” base measurements, pontil scarred base, sheared mouth, applied string lip.

A good amount of wear is on several shoulder panels. A sizable piece of the neck broke away and has been repaired. As has a large percentage of the mouth and applied string lip. From this damaged area several cracks, each about 1 1/2” in length travel into the neck. A small repair is on the edge of the seal.

Yes it has major problems, but due to the dark color are not readily seen. This is one of the rarest forms of an early English wine bottle.

0 $ 400 *

19. Black Glass Half-Magnum Form Wine Bottle, “IB / 1772” (on applied seal), (Burton, pg. 748), English, ca. 1771, deep olive amber, 10 1/8”h by 5 1/4” dia., pontil scarred base, sheared mouth with applied string lip and seal, blown in a dip mold.

About perfect (a pinhead size flake off the outer edge of the lip).

Fine example, full original body luster, scarce half-magnum size! According to Burton the initials have not been identified, but there may be a connection with I Burton Bamp. We auctioned this bottle in 2010 as part of the Dr. James Bruce Collection.

0 $ 800 *

20. Wide Bodied Squat Cylinder Wine Bottle, “I. / GROVES / 1805” (on an applied seal), (Burton, pg. 829), English, ca. 1805, deep olive green, 8 7/8”h, 3 1/2” base diameter, rough pontil scarred base, applied double collar mouth and seal, blown in a dip mould.

Full original body luster. A minor chip is off the top of the lip and some remnants of dried wine that should wash out.

According to Burton: This is a common name throughout England, but is most prevalent in the areas of Dorset and Wilshire.

0 $ 350 *

21. Tall Mallet Form Wine Bottle, “A. C.” (on an applied seal), (unlisted), English, ca. 1810 - 1830, deep olive amber, 9 1/4”h, 3 7/8” base diameter, pontil scarred base, applied double collar mouth and seal, blown in a dip mould.

A minor chip is off the top of the lip, otherwise in perfect condition. It is in as found ‘attic’ condition, it has a full original body luster and shows no trace of wear or scratches.

A considerable amount of the original dried wine contents exists that could be washed out. If it’s unlisted in Burton’s than it must be considered as rare!

0 $ 275 *

22. Large Freeblown Globular Form Apothecary Bottle, ‘Tinct: / (horizontal feather) / Card: Co:’, (similar to Van den Bossche, plate 270, #2), English, ca. 1830 - 1860, dark olive green, 11 1/4”h, 5” base diameter, pontil scarred base, applied double collar mouth, 90% of the original paint remains. Accompanied by an original tin mouth covering.

Perfect condition, thick, heavy glass.

Early apothecaries of this type are rarely found with this much of the original paint. A premium offering especially when found in this fine condition and with the original tin closure!

0 $ 600 *

23. Freeblown Magnum Size ‘Bladder’ Form Wine Bottle, (Van den Bossche, plate 276A, #4), English, ca. 1750 - 1770, deep olive green with an overall bluish-gray ‘glassgall’ coloration, 9 1/2”h, 3 1/4” by 4 1/4” base dimensions, large pontil scarred base, tooled mouth with an applied tapered lip.

Perfect condition, but has some faint dried contents.

Wooden paddle marks can be seen on both sides, created when the original blown globular form was intentional flattened. A rare form wine bottle and the ‘glassgall’ coloration adds a certain amount of character to the glass.

0 $ 400 *

24. Black Glass ‘Onion’ Form Wine Bottle, (form like Van den Bossche plate 9), English, ca. 1690 - 1710, deep yellowish olive green, 5 1/2”h, 4 1/8” base diameter, pontil scarred base, sheared mouth, applied string lip.

In ‘as found’ condition. It has two minor chips, one off the side of the lip, the other on the underside of the applied string lip. A good amount of wear and scratches surround the bottle and it retains dried contents.

Wonderful form a classic late 1700th Century wine bottle! And considering its age the mentioned flaws are not that detracting.

0 $ 350 *

25. Black Glass Oversized ‘Onion’ Form Wine Bottle, (form similar to Van den Bossche plate 18, #2), English, ca. 1720 - 1730, dark yellow olive green, 7 1/4”h, 4 7/8” base diameter, pontil scarred base, sheared and tooled mouth, applied string lip. Overall external stain.

Approximately two-thirds of the mouth above the string lip and a 1/2” chip off the side of the lip have been professionally repaired.

Full of trapped air bubbles, many of which can be seen on the surface. Note the misshapen form that leans heavily to one side. Yes it has repair issues, but this larger size form is unusual, as is its overall appearance.

0 $ 200 *
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