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 "WM. A. CARPENTER'S - MINERAL WATER - HUDSON - N.Y.", America, probably a New York State glasshouse, 1850 - 1860. Medium emerald coloration, 8-sided, applied tapered blob collar - heavy iron pontil scar, ht. 6 7/8", near mint; (a 3/16" flake and a little minor roughness on a few of the corners edges at base, a tiny pinprick flake at edge of lip, otherwise perfect). A fantastic example of this rare New York State mineral water, and even more rare in this un-dug, 'attic-type' condition.  
13 $ 900
 "A. DEARBORN & Co / NEW_YORK - MINERAL WATERS / D / THIS BOTTLE / IS NEVER SOLD", America, probably 1846 - 1848. Clear medium cobalt blue, cylindrical, applied blob collar - iron pontil scar, ht. 7", virtually attic mint; (just a trace of faint wear, otherwise pristine perfect). A very scarce soda, and certainly very rare - almost impossible to find in this exceptional condition. A fresh find from a local yard sale in Western, New York. Beautiful!

Note; an old cork remains in the neck.
16 $ 650
  "BLANCHARD & DEFREEST / TROY. N.Y. - SUPERIOR / B&D / SODA WATER", America, possibly Lancaster Glass Works, 1850 - 1860. Medium-to-deep sapphire blue, cylindrical, applied blob collar - iron pontil scar, ht. 7 ¾"; (professionally cleaned to original luster and near mint condition with just a little minor wear remaining). A great example of this exceedingly rare New York State soda, believed to be only the second, or possible third, example offered at auction in more than 20 years.  
10 $ 1,400
  "CAPEN & THURSTON / IMPROVED / MINERAL WATER / TROY, N.Y.", America, 1849 - 1855. Aquamarine, cylindrical, applied sloping collar - heavy iron pontil scar, ht. 6 ¾"; (professionally cleaned to original luster with just a little minor wear remaining, otherwise very near mint). An extremely rare soda, one of only a small handful known to exist. A bright, clean, whittled example, beautiful overall condition and with a fully intact iron pontil.  
12 $ 600
  "S.H&L. WEBSTER / CELEBRATED / MINERAL WATER / DETROIT", America, probably 1852 - 1854. Medium-to-deep sapphire blue, cylindrical, applied blob collar - iron pontil scar, ht. 7 1/8", virtually perfect; (only the slightest trace of very faint wear, otherwise pristine perfect). Originally an estate find in Michigan, they just don't come any nicer than this. A rare and desirable soda, it is believed that the company was only in business for about two years.  
17 $ 1,800
 Lot of (4), Colorful Beer Bottles, 1880 - 1900. 1st Example: "J GAHM / TRADE (Logo) MARK / BOSTON / MASS - MILWAUKEE / LAGER BEER", honey yellow coloration; 2nd Example: "JOHN STANTON BREWING CO. / ( JS TRADE MARK) / TROY, N.Y.", bright '7-Up' green, 3rd Example: "LEUTZ BRO'S / 13 CENTRAL ST / BOSTON", rich teal blue, 4th Example: "CHAS JOLY / NO 9 / SO SEVENTH ST / PHILADELPHIA", olive green. All are pints, near mint with original closures!

A beautiful grouping, the colors compliment one another nicely. A couple are quite scarce, and likely rare, especially having the original closure.
22 $ 700
 Half Size, Black Glass Mallet Form Wine Bottle, England, 1730 - 1740. Deep olive amber, mallet form, sheared lip with an applied string rim - crude domed base with sand type pontil scar, ht. 6 ¾"; (a 3/16" bit of roughness on the edge of the sheared lip that may have occurred in-making; some light exterior wear including several shallow open surface bubbles, a little minor interior content haze). A very nice example having crude bubbly glass, full original body luster, a perfect string rim, scarce size. Form similar to VdB, plate 19, #3; VdB, plate 20, #1. Note the crude, misshapen, base that can be seen in the third image.  
22 $ 1,000
  Demijohn, America, 1875 - 1885. Rich, medium yellow coloration, cylindrical, 2-pc. mold, applied sloping collar - smooth base, ht. 15 1/8", near mint; (a little scattered typical minor wear including a 3/8", shallow, open surface bubble, otherwise excellent). A big, bright, beautiful demijohn, nicely whittled, and in a hard-to-find, almost pure yellow coloration.  
17 $ 600
  Demijohn, New England, Westford Glass Works, Westford, CT, 1857 - 1865. Yellowish honey coloration, almost a straw color through the mid-body, cylindrical, 3-pc. mold, applied sloping collar - beveled edge smooth base, ht. 14", virtually perfect; (a tiny sandgrain with a couple of minuscule, barely visible, 1/32" cooling lines, otherwise attic mint). Absolutely fantastic color and character - the glass being filled with tiny seed bubbles. If you like early New England glass, you will love this Demijohn!  
9 $ 275
 Large, oversized Freeblown Demijohn, New England, 1840 - 1855. Medium olive amber shading to a dense olive amber through the neck, cylindrical with gradually tapering shoulders, applied sloping collar - heavy sand type pontil scar, ht. 17 ¼", perfect. A great early New England demijohn, this example being considerable larger in stature than the majority of similar sloped-shouldered, early transitional, 'bullet-form' 'Demi's'. In addition, nice seedy, crude glass.  
18 $ 750
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