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Auction Ended: Wednesday March 29th, 2023 at 10 PM Eastern Time

Auction Local Time: June 7, 2023 04:13:38 EDT

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 WASHINGTON - EAGLE Historical Flask, probably Bridgeton Glass Works, Bridgeton, NJ, or possibly Baltimore Glass Works, 1836 - 1850. Medium-to-deep blue green, sheared mouth – blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (some light interior haze; a 5/16” flat chip along the top edge of the collar, and just a touch of minor wear including a small potstone on the surface, below the eagle, with just a little iridescence, otherwise excellent). GI-27. Comparatively scarce mold, very scarce-to-rare color.

The noted condition issues are all pretty minor. If desired, with just a light interior professional cleaning, this big, beautiful, and scarce flask would display as very near mint. Per McKearin, as well as perusing the past 30 years of auction records, neither the GI-27 mold, nor this medium-to-deep blue green coloration, come around often.
12 $ 1,500
  "WASHINGTON" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "JACKSON" / BUST OF JACKSON Historical Flask, Coventry Glass Works, CT, 1830 - 1840. Very deep, rich, pure olive coloration – almost black in reflected light, sheared mouth – blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (a little scattered light wear, and several tiny, paper-thin, open surface bubbles, otherwise near mint). GI-34. A very scarce-to-rare color, much deeper than most, outstanding character, the glass being absolutely filled with tiny seed bubbles.  
21 $ 500
  "THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY" / BUST OF WASHINGTON - "GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS" / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask, probably Dyottville Glass Works, 1848 - 1855. Deep blue green, sheared mouth – blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a moderate amount of high point wear and light scratches on the busts, more so on the Taylor side, and a shallow 1/8” flake on the inside edge of the lip). GI-39. An attractive, deeper color than most.

Despite the noted high point and light scratches, the flask still displays quite nicely, and with a strong color that does not wash out!
9 $ 250
  WASHINGTON - TAYLOR Portrait Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, 1848 - 1855. Dense amber, virtually black, sheared mouth – heavy blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (some moderate-to-heavy high point wear, as well as some light scratches, interior content residue, but no chips, cracks, or other form of damage). GI-51. Extremely rare color! Yes, it has the wear, but believed to be only the second example recorded in this, or similar color, in more than 25 years of auction records.

Note; the other deep amber example, described as “Deep chocolate amber”, was sold in January, 2004, for a hammer price of $4,750.
18 $ 1,400
  BUST OF TAYLOR / "ROUGH AND READY" - "MAJOR" / BUST OF RINGGOLD / "RINGGOLD." Historical Flask, probably Baltimore Glass Works, Baltimore, MD, 1848 – 1855. Beautiful light pink amethyst coloration, sheared mouth – blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, very near mint; (just a slight trace of very minor wear, otherwise perfect). GI-72. A great example, strong depth of color for this mold, a crisp, very bold impression, excellent clarity, bright, clean and whittled.  
12 $ 3,000
  "GENL TAYLOR" / BUST OF TAYLOR - "FELLS POINT" / MONUMENT / "BALTo" Historical Flask, Baltimore Glass Works, 1847 - 1855. Gorgeous, rich medium pink amethyst shading to a deep pinkish claret coloration near the base, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (some scattered light wear and a weak impression in the shoulders, as often occurs with this mold). GI-73. A rare, eye-appealing, absolutely gorgeous color – one that will stand out on in any collection!

Also, nice character with some whittling and streaks of lighter color swirled through the flask. Yes, the impression is weak, but what a gorgeous, ‘eye-candy’ color – one that rarely comes around – in any flask!
16 $ 11,000
  "JENY LIND" / BUST OF JENY LIND - GLASS FACTORY Historical Calabash, Ravenna Glass Works, Ravenna, OH, 1857 - 1860. Deep aquamarine, applied round collar - large iron pontil scar, Qt, near mint; (a bit of minor high point wear, otherwise perfect). GI-105. A rare and desirable mold often referred to as the "smoke up" Jeny Lind. This example is bright and clean with good depth of color. Provenance: Ex. Darl Fifer collection.  
16 $ 1,200
  EAGLE - EAGLE Historical Flask, probably Louisville Glass Works, Louisville, KY, 1855 - 1860. Clear, medium-to-deep apple green, sheared mouth – blowpipe pontil scar, Qt, virtually perfect; (just the slightest trace of very light wear including a tiny, pinprick speck of roughness on the edge of the sheared lip, barely noticeable, otherwise sparkling mint). GII-26. A big gutsy flask in a very scarce color, fantastic condition, almost no wear which is often an issue with this mold.  
16 $ 1,900
  EAGLE (in circular medallion) – Reverse same, Historical Flask, probably Kentucky Glass Works, 1850 – 1855. Light, smoky greenish Vaseline color, sheared mouth – solid, glass tipped pontil scar, Pt, attic mint! GII-29. An extremely rare mold in a delicate, unusual color, outstanding condition! A virgin find from a small estate auction in Kentucky. Note; see Mark Vuono’s article, “Louisville Sluggers”, AB&GC, Nov. 2011. Mark coined the phrase, “pinstripes’ for this mold.  
19 $ 1,100
  EAGLE - "DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS / PHILADA" Historical Flask, 1855 - 1865. Beautiful, light-to-medium pinkish puce coloration, sheared mouth – smooth base, Pt; (professionally cleaned to original luster and near mint condition with just a little minor light wear remaining; there is a bubble on the surface of the glass, on the reverse, that was never fully formed, and likely did not have a cover glass, mentioned for completeness). GII-38. A comparatively scarce mold, extremely rare color.

Note; this beautiful and outstanding flask was dug in downtown Philadelphia and lightly cleaned to it’s original luster by one of the best in the business. It is believed that there are only a small handful of these puce Dyottville Eagle Flasks, perhaps four or five extant, in any condition, and this is a good one!
9 $ 5,500
  EAGLE - EAGLE Historical Flask, Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, 1825 - 1838. Bright aquamarine, sheared mouth - iron pontil scar, Pt, virtually perfect; (only the slightest wisp of light wear, otherwise pristine). GII-40. Note; much scarcer with the iron pontiled base (most having a blowpipe pontil scar). A great example of this popular, and attractive, early eagle flask that won't break the bank.  
16 $ 350
 EAGLE - EAGLE Historical Flask, Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, 1825 - 1838. Rich, deep, bluish aquamarine, sheared mouth – blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, near mint; (a little washable interior and exterior residue, and a tiny sand grain with a 1/32” cooling radiation, barely visible without a loop, otherwise virtually perfect). GII-40. A very attractive example with a rich, deep color.  
23 $ 375
  EAGLE / “T.W.D” – FRIGATE / “FRANKLIN” Historical Flask, Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, probably 1825 - 1830. Aquamarine, sheared mouth – blowpipe pontil scar, Pt; (some light-to-moderate high point wear, primarily on the reverse, otherwise excellent). GII-42. A comparatively scarce mold. The USS Franklin was built in 1815 and served as the flagship of the Pacific Squadron from October, 1821 until August, 1824.  
11 $ 350
  EAGLE - "COFFIN & HAY." / FURLED FLAG / "HAMMONTON" Historical Flask, Coffin & Hay Glass Manufactory, Hammonton, NJ, 1838 - 1847. Rich, deep bluish green, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a little light wear including a shallow 1/8” flake on the edge of the shoulder panel, and a 5/8” fissure extending from the pontil, along the edge of the base, possibly in-manufacture, but does not show on display, otherwise very near mint). GII-48. An impressive flask, very strong color.  
5 $ 3,000
  EAGLE – CORNUCOPIA Historical Flask, Pitkin Glass Works, Manchester, CT, 1815 – 1830. Beautiful, light yellowish olive coloration, sheared mouth, blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, virtually perfect; (a little in-manufacture glass extrusion at the mold seam, mentioned for completeness, not considered damage). GII-58. An extremely rare and important, early New England flask, almost no wear, nice light color. McKearin – Most Desirable Flasks, Group A, #6. Provenance: Fred Swiechowicz collection.

A very historical, top New England flask. Very few collections will have this important mold. Originally purchased from Oliver Auctions, Kennebunk, ME, in the early 90’s, and has been in Fred’s collection for the past 30+ years!
9 $ 14,000
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